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Open Reading Frames (ORF) : CCSB-Broad Lenti Expression Library

The Functional Genomics Facility maintains the CCSB-Broad LentiORF library for human genes . We also provide technical support for "gain of function"  experiments.


The ORF library was generated by the Center for Cancer Systems Biology (Dana Farber Cancer Institute and The Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT), and is known as the CCSB-Broad library. The construction of this library is described here.

Please check here for a description of the sequencing and mutation quality control of this library. Please note that only ~90% of the clones have been fully sequenced. Of note, 8% of these ORFs have been found to carry more than one mutation. Clients can obtain and check the sequence for their favorite clone here.


Please refer to our Resources page for FAQ and Vector maps for the CCSB-Broad Lenti Expression Library



Click here to access the ORF clone look-up instructions