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Complete and submit the form below to order individual bacterial clones, plasmid preparations, and lentiviral suspensions from the Facility's shRNA, ORF and CRISPR collections.

For custom pools or orders requesting over 50 individual clones, please inquire by email to funcgenfac@colorado.edu.


ATTENTION - All users from Colorado State University and National Jewish Hospital will need to obtain a purchase order from their respective institutions to pay for each order. Users affiliated with the University of Colorado (any campus) can pay via speedtype.


shRNA Clones (The RNA Consortium - Sigma):

shRNA Clone Lookup Instructions

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shRNA Controls (The RNA Consortium - Sigma):

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shRNA pathway-specific panels & Genome-wide Libraries:

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If you would like a custom shRNA pool, please send us the list of clones you want included in the pool, along with its name and the desired format (Plasmid DNA or Lentiviral Product). Excel spreadsheets work best.

ORF Clones (CCSB-Broad Lentiviral Expression Library - Dharmacon):

ORF Clone Lookup Instructions

ORF Clone ID (ex. ccsbBroad304_12345) Gene Symbol Format Quantity

CRISPR Clones (Sanger Arrayed Lentiviral CRISPR Library - Sigma):

Clone ID (ex. 100200300) Gene Symbol Format Quantity

CRISPR Controls (Sanger Arrayed Lentiviral CRISPR Library - Sigma):

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CRISPR Genome-wide Libraries (Zhang Lab):

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CRISPR empty vectors (Zhang Lab):

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Custom CRISPR clones:

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